Intro to My Class

Learn how to manage your class and access submissions from the My Class page

In the My Class page in the Teacher Environment, you’ll be able to view your class list. From here you can manage your class, get an overview of student progress, and access submissions for grading

You'll find your class and assessment management options in the menu on the right. From here you can do things like sync the LMS class roster, set up groups, update assessment requirements, and more.



In the Students and submissions section, you'll find these tabs:



In the Students tab, you’ll see your full class list. You can use this list to keep track of students that are enrolled in the unit, have started (ie. accessed their Cadmus assessment), submitted drafts and submitted finals. Students will appear in this list once they access Cadmus for the first time, or once you sync your LMS class roster with the Cadmus class list.




As students submit their finals, their work will appear in the Finals tab for grading. Students appear in alphabetical order by default, but you can use the filters and headings to sort.

Clicking Grade next to a student's name opens their submission in Turnitin Feedback Studio for grading.




If your assessment requires draft submissions, you’ll also see a Drafts tab between Students and Finals. From here you’ll be able to view draft submissions and provide individual feedback to students by clicking Feedback next to a student's name.