Reusing past assessments

Learn how to start with your previous instructions, resources, and settings in new assessments

If you’re a returning Cadmus user, you’ll have the option to start from your previously accessed assessments when setting up a new Cadmus link. It’s a quick way to get set up when running similar assessments simultaneously or rolling over subjects from semester to semester.

To reuse a past assessment

  1. Once you have set up a new Cadmus link in the LMS, click Reuse past assessment.

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  2. You will be taken to the Past assessments section of the Template Gallery, where you can see Cadmus assessments that you have accessed before.


  3. Search by assessment name, filter by subject, assessment type (assignment or exam) or specify a date range to find the assessment you would like to reuse.
  4. Click Preview to review the assessment instructions, resources, and settings. 
  5. Click Reuse assessment to copy the content into your new assessment.
  6. You can reaccess your past assessments at any point by clicking the templates-icon Template Gallery icon in the toolbar, and navigating to the Past assessments section.

TIP! Can't see the assessment you want? Only released assessments are shown in Past assessments, so check the original assessment to see if it has been released.