Marking with Turnitin Feedback Studio

Please refer to this article to learn more about marking with Canvas SpeedGrader.


When it’s time to mark, you can access student submissions in Cadmus and provide grades and feedback through Turnitin Feedback Studio.


To mark a final submission

  1. Go to the Marking page in the Teacher Environment.
  2. Click Mark next to a student's name to be taken to Turnitin Feedback Studio. 

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  3. You can use Turnitin Feedback Studio to grade and give feedback, using things like rubrics and quick marks. 

Note: All the Turnitin settings from your LMS and unit are available when you use Cadmus. This means all of your Quickmarks and rubrics will be ready to use when it’s time to mark.


When you add a grade value in Turnitin Feedback Studio, you’ll also see it on the Marking page, next to a student's name (in place of the Mark button). The grade will also be sent through to the grade centre in your LMS. Students won’t be able to see their grades and feedback in the Student Environment until after the Feedback return date set in the Requirements section. For more information, see Releasing grades and feedback.