Submitting in Cadmus

Learn more about how students submit their work in Cadmus

When students have finished working on their draft or final submissions, they submit their work through Cadmus. 

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You'll find a full breakdown of Cadmus submission rules here.



Cadmus makes it easy for students to submit their work from within the Student Environment. They'll have to accept a submission declaration curated by your university, which removes the need to include a cover sheet. 

To submit in the Student Environment

  1. Click Submit in the top-right corner.
  2. Read and accept the submission declaration.
  3. Click Submit again to confirm the submission.

When students submit, they’ll be sent a submission receipt and PDF copy of their work to their student email. If you've enabled similarity information to be seen before the due date, students will be able to view their similarity score and report on submission.

As students submit, you'll be able to access their work from the My Class page in the Teacher Environment, under the Drafts or Finals tab.



Students can continue to revise and resubmit their work as many times as they like until the due date. Every time they resubmit, their previous submission gets overwritten by the current version of their work. If you've enabled similarity information to be seen before the due date, students will receive an updated similarity score and report each time they resubmit. Similarity reports are generated immediately for the first 3 resubmissions, after this, Turnitin will take 24 hours to generate a new similarity report.

Once the due date has passed, students are no longer able to resubmit — their last submission will be available for marking in the Teacher Environment.

Instructions for students to edit and resubmit in the Student Environment:

  1. From the Final Submission page, click Continue Editing in the top-right corner to be taken back to your work.
  2. You’ll be able to view your last submission in the Final tab next to the Notes
  3. Make any updates or edits to your work.
  4. Click Submit in the top-right corner to replace your last submission with the updated version of your work.

NOTE: When students submit a draft, they will be taken directly back to editing their work, with their last draft submission available in the Draft tab. 

Submitting Late

If the due date has passed and a student hasn’t made any submissions yet, they can submit late in Cadmus. After submitting late, they'll no longer have the option to go back to editing their work or to resubmit. When students submit late, the submission will be tagged Late on the My Class page.