Viewing similarity reports

If you’ve enabled similarity information to be visible to students before the due date, they’ll be able to access it on submission. Students can see their similarity score in the Student Environment and access Turnitin Feedback Studio to view their full similarity report.

To view similarity reports in the Student Environment

  1. Students must submit their work.
  2. From the Final Submission page, they can view their similarity score.
  3. Clicking View similarity report will open Turnitin Feedback Studio

If students choose to continue editing their work after submitting, they can still access similarity information for their last submission from the Final tabWhen they resubmit, they'll receive an updated similarity score once their work is processed by Turnitin.  

Note: Students can make multiple submissions before the due date, however after 3 resubmissions, Turnitin will take at least 24 hours to generate a new similarity report. 

Similarly, if students are able to view similarity information for draft submissions, they can access it from the Draft tab.