Completing exams

Understand the student experience of completing an exam or test in Cadmus



It’s important to understand the process for students sitting an exam or test in Cadmus. This article guides you through the key stages for students, including:

  1. Accessing exams
  2. Completing exams
  3. Submitting exams

Ready to set up your exam or test? Follow these steps for setting up an exam via Canvas or setting up an exam via Blackboard, Moodle, or D2L


Accessing exams

Students access Cadmus Exams by clicking on the Cadmus link on your Learning Management System (LMS) subject page. If they access an exam before it starts or opens, they will see an early access screen with the timings of the exam only. This page will automatically refresh once the exam is open.



Completing exams

For live exams (students complete the exam at the same time), students will see the Instructions once the exam is open. 


For window exams (where students choose went to start within a larger time window), students must acknowledge they are ready to start to reveal the Instructions and start their exam timer. 


Students will always be able to see how much time they have left in an exam using the time indicator in the bottom-right corner. 



If your exam has reading time allocated, students will only be able to scroll through the exam instructions and view any additional resources during this time. They will not be able to type until writing time begins.



Submitting exams

Students can submit at any time during the exam by clicking the Submit button in Cadmus. If an exam has Auto submission enabled, students’ work will be automatically submitted at the end of the writing time. 


If an exam does not have Auto submission on, students will be prompted to submit at the end of their writing time. From here, they can continue to work late and use the late allowance specified in the exam settings. At the end of the late allowance, they will be prompted to submit again and cannot continue working.


Once the exam is submitted, students will see the confirmation page and be sent a submission confirmation to their university email. 

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