Submitting your assessment

To understand how to submit in an exam, please refer to this article.

Once you've finished your assessment, you can submit your work directly within Cadmus. 

Cadmus allows you to:


To submit your work

  1. Click Submit in the top-right corner.


  2. Review your submission on the left-hand-side panel.
  3. Read the submission declaration (this acts as a cover sheet for the assignment), and then accept by checking the checkbox.


  4. Click Submit final.

A submission receipt will be sent to your student email.

Final Submission page

Once you have submitted your final, you’ll be on the Final Submission page. From here you can:

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TIP: After you submit, you can still access your Notes and Instructions by clicking on the relevant tabs in the top-left of the Student Environment.


If your assignment involves drafts, you can learn more about submitting drafts.