Cadmus + Blackboard Grade Centre

Follow these best practices tips to manage grades between Cadmus and Blackboard

Cadmus is integrated with the Grade Centre in Blackboard, making it easy to manage grades for Cadmus assessment within your subject. 

Learn more about how Cadmus and grade management work in Blackboard:


To make sure everything works the way you’d like between Cadmus and Grade Centre, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. To link your Cadmus assessment to Grade Centre, turn on ‘Enable evaluation’  when setting up your Cadmus Assignment.

When you create your Cadmus assessment link in Blackboard, remember to select Yes for Enable evaluation. This creates a column in Grade Centre for your assignment and ensures that grades get pulled through automatically.

Can't find Enable Evaluation? Enable Evaluation is sometimes referred to as Enable student tracking

2. If you use weighted grading in Grade Centre, you can set different values for Points Possible in Blackboard and Max Points in Cadmus. 

When you create your Cadmus assessment link in Blackboard, enter a value for points possible in the Grading section. This sets the maximum points available for the assessment's grade centre column. You can then set Turnitin points in the Requirements section according to the total points you’d like to mark the assessment out of. This way, your grades will be weighted appropriately when they’re pulled through from Cadmus to Grade Centre.

For example: If your assessment is worth 10% of the unit, set points possible to 10. If you would like to mark the assessment in Turnitin out of 20, set Turnitin points in the Requirements section to 20. Students will see a mark out of 20 when they access feedback through Cadmus, and see a weighted grade out of 10 in Grade Centre. 

3. You can hide your Cadmus assessment column in Grade Centre until you’re ready to release feedback.

Marks will appear automatically in Grade Centre as you grade submissions through Cadmus and Turnitin Feedback Studio. To avoid students seeing grades before marking is completed, we recommend hiding the column from students.

4. Changing grades directly in Grade Centre won’t update Cadmus or Feedback Studio.

If you change or update grades on student submissions in Turnitin Feedback Studio, the changes will automatically be seen in the Finals tab in Cadmus, as well as in Grade Centre. However, if you change a grade by editing it in Grade Centre, the changes won’t flow back through to Cadmus or Feedback Studio. To ensure that the marks students see in Cadmus and Blackboard’s My Grades section are always consistent, we’d recommend only marking submissions by going through Cadmus and into Feedback Studio.