Unable to submit

If you're having trouble submitting your assessment in Cadmus, here are some possible reasons why your submission might not be going through and how to fix it:


You’re resubmitting after the due date
If the due date has passed and you’ve already made an earlier submission, you’ll need to ask your teacher for an extension in Cadmus in order to resubmit late — see this Help Doc on Submitting Late for more information.

Cadmus is disconnected from the internet
If you’re not connected to the internet, Cadmus won’t be able to save and submit your work (see Working Offline). Once you’re back online, you will be able to submit.

There are less than 20 words in your submission

Cadmus requires a minimum of 20 words in the Body section to submit. If you find you’re unable to submit, write at least 20 words in the main Cadmus workspace, and check that your work is not in the Notes or References sections. You’ll see your word count in the top-right corner next to the Submit button.

The exam has ended
You can find the exam details in the left panel within Cadmus. If the due date has passed, the exam has now closed, and you will need to contact your teacher if you wish to continue working. 

Contact us for help

If you still can’t submit, send us a message! We'll help solve your issue as fast as possible 😊