Learning analytics reports

As students complete their work in Cadmus, data is captured throughout the construction of a submission; providing rich learning analytics and insight into student processes. While cohort-level learning analytics can be found in the Cadmus Insights tab, more detailed reports are available on request to assist with identifying and understanding potential academic integrity issues.

There are two reports available to Unit Coordinators after students have submitted:

  1. Assessment Report — An overview of each students' activity in an assessment (including words pasted and time spent), which can be used to identify submissions for further investigation.
  2. Student Activity Report — A detailed breakdown of an individual student’s engagement in an assessment (including editing behaviour, work sessions, and pasted content), which can inform academic integrity investigations.


Requesting reports

Unit Coordinators can submit a request online or email support@cadmus.io with the following details:

  • Subject Code and Name
  • Assessment Name
  • Report Type: Assessment Report or Activity Report (for Activity Reports, please provide student names)

For more information on data captured in Cadmus, please see Data at Cadmus and the Cadmus Privacy Policy.