Advanced tips for equations

Learn how to add more complex equations and symbols using LaTeX.

While there are many symbols and equations available directly from the Equations Keyboard, you may need to add more complex symbols or formatting to your assessments using LaTeX — this guide has a full list of supported LaTeX commands.


Here’s how to add some common advanced equations and formatting: 

Add bold formatting

Enclose your equation in the command \bold{}.

For example 



Add rows and columns to a matrix

The largest matrix available on the Equation Keyboard is 5x5. You can more rows and columns to a matrix using the following commands:

  • Rows: Just before \end{bmatrix}, add \\ followed by each value in the new row separated by &
  • Columns: Add & and the new value to the end of each row
For example 

1 & 2 & 3\\
a & b & c\\
x & y & z


Create piecewise functions

Enclose your function within \begin{cases} and \end{cases}, separating each new line with \\

For example 

f(n) = \begin{cases}
 1 & \text{if } n = 0  \\ 
 f(n-1) + f(n-2) & \text{if } n \ge 2