Import Questions


Import Questions

MFA is built to support IMS Question and Test Interoperability specification (QTI). The IMS Global Learning Consortium established the QTI standard to support compatibility between questions and a course, regardless of the learning management system. Cadmus is therefore able to utilise questions from other sources that have been exported in the QTI format in any of the supported file types with MFA.

How to prepare my questions for import into MFA

Questions from any LMS that supports QTI can be exported into a compatible file format.

MFA supports the import of .XML, .DAT, .QTI and .ZIP file types for import. Files created to the specifications of QTI Version 1.2 will be automatically unpacked to reveal your questions, once imported into MFA.

The following resources will guide you through the export process for Canvas and Blackboard.

These exports usually come packaged in the form of .ZIP files that contain the questions and relevant assets. You can import these directly into MFA.

How to import questions into MFA

Once you have a compatible file, you’re ready to import your questions into MFA.

Uploading your files

  1. At the bottom of the right panel in the MFA builder, locate the Action bar. Click Import Questions from file.

2. Drag and Drop a file or click Upload from computer.


3. Cadmus will unpack your upload, displaying the number of questions in each file, and their category.


NOTE: Only QTI specification files will be unpacked.


a. Each file can be renamed by clicking on the Pencil icon that appears when you hover on the corresponding list item. This will allow you to easily identify your imports.

b. To assign the file to a category, click the Assign Category drop-down. This will display the available categories for the file to be moved into. A new category can also be created at this stage. This will assign the selected category to all the questions contained within that file.

c. Clicking on the down arrow, expands the row and shows the first 3 questions within the corresponding file.


d. To see all the questions within a file click View All in the expanded state.



Here, categories can be assigned individually to each question within a file. Clicking on the check-box next to each question enables multiple-selection to assign a category to multiple questions at once.




  • Assigning categories to questions is important because it allows cadmus to refer to questions efficiently at a later stage, and saves time for you. Uncategorized questions will always have to be located and selected manually.
  • One question can belong to only one category.

4. Once categories are assigned, Select the files you want to import and click the Import Files button. This button will also bear the number of files you’re importing.



To select which files to import, click on the check-boxes next to the relevant file name. Clicking the check-box at the very top of the list (next to the file-name column header) selects all the files at once.

Selecting questions for import

  1. Once imported, these files will be further unpacked to reveal the questions contained within them. This list of questions can be filtered according to Filename, Question type and Difficulty. Some questions might not have a difficulty attribute specified



  2. There are two ways to add these questions to your assessment

A. Add manually

        i. Select the questions you want to add by clicking on the checkbox at the beginning of each corresponding list item.


        ii. Click Add to assessment to add these questions to your MFA assessment.

b. Select questions in bulk by category

         i. Click on Select Questions by Category to display the following screen.


       ii. Type or select the category from the first drop-down menu

      iii. Specify the question type

      iv. Specify the number of questions to be picked from that category


       v. To add another category for selection, click Add more. Click the Bin icon on the right to delete a row from your selection criteria.
      vi. Once the categories, question types, and number of questions have been selected, click Done to proceed with the import.


NOTE: The number of questions available to select against each category will be capped at the maximum available number after previous selections, to prevent duplication.


     vii. Cadmus will auto-select questions from your imported files based on the category and type specified by you. These will be populated for you to review



     viii. Click Add to assessment to import all the selected questions to your current MFA assessment.

      ix. You can also choose to swap any auto-selected questions with other similar ones from within your imported file. Simply select the questions and Click Replace with similar questions.

      x. Click Reset selection to re-do the entire selection again from the previous screen