What is a sub-question


What is a Sub-Question?

A sub-question in Cadmus assessments enables teachers to group related questions together and drill down into more specific aspects of the subject matter. All multiformat assessment question types can be supported as sub-questions. The following guide demonstrates how to set up sub-questions.

Creating Multiformat Assessments - 


Step 1: Add a Main Question

On the Action bar, click Add Question


From the dropdown, choose Sub-Question.

Input the question text.

Note: The points for the sub-question will be greyed out. The total points for a question will be calculated as the sum of the points for all sub-questions.


Step 2: Insert Sub-Questions

  1. In the new question, click + add sub-question.
  2. From the dropdown, select the sub-question type.
  3. Input the question text and assign points to the sub-question. These will be added together to form the question’s overall score.

Step 3: Configure Sub-Question Types

Each sub-question type includes unique setup options:

  • Multiple Choice: Offer several answers, marking the correct one.
  • Short Answer: Provide a text field for brief answers.
  • Extended Response: Allow more space for detailed answers.
  • Fill-in-the-Blanks: Create statements that require specific answers.
  • True/False: Students decide the truthfulness of a statement.

Step 4: Modify or Remove Sub-Questions

Click on the input field of any sub-question to edit its text or the options within that question type. To delete a sub-question, click on the Bin icon.To delete the main question, simply click on the Bin icon associated with it.