Completing time-limited assessment

Some Cadmus assessments may include a time limit, where you’ll have a set amount of time to complete the task after starting. You’ll know an assessment is time-limited because you will be asked to start your timer before accessing your instructions. 



In this article, we’ll cover:

Completing time-limited assessment

When it comes to completing time-limited assessment, there are a few key changes from the standard Cadmus Assignment workflow — so it’s important that you understand how these tasks work.

1. You must acknowledge you are ready to start working

When you enter Cadmus, you will need to click Start the clock to see your assessment instructions and start writing. As soon as you click Start the clock, your timer will start running.



2. You will always see the timer while you work

While working in Cadmus, you will see a timer. In the final moments, you will also see a 10-second count down.

3. When the time limit is up, you will be prompted to submit

When time is up, you will automatically see a preview of your submission. You must click the Submit button to confirm your submission.



A Note on time limits and due dates: All time-limited assessments still have a separate final due date. Think of your Time Limit as the maximum amount of time you can spend on a task and your Due Date as the latest date and time when you should submit

Late & Overtime Submissions

In the final moments, before a time limit expires, you’ll see a 10-second count down to indicate your time is nearly up. After the time limit, a preview of your submission will automatically appear. You must click the Submit button to confirm your submission.

Cadmus doesn’t auto-submit on your behalf — you must click Submit to confirm your submission.

You also have the option to continue working after the time limit has expired. In this case, your submission will be marked as Overtime. Cadmus doesn't apply an automatic penalty for overtime submissions. As per usual, if you submit after the final due date, your submission will be marked as Late.