Reordering Questions



Reordering Questions in Cadmus Assessments

Throughout the setup of your MFA assessment, you have the option to reorder your questions. Reordering questions in Cadmus allows for flexibility and enhances the logical flow.

Questions can be reordered from the Questions tab in the left panel.

Guide to Reordering Questions-


Access the Questions tab

Click on the “Questions” tab on the left panel to view all questions in the assessment.



Reorder Questions

    • To rearrange a question, simply drag it from its current position and drop it into the desired new location within the same section.
    • To move questions across sections, simply drag it it from its current section and drop it into the desired new section.


Managing Sub-Questions

Sub-questions can be moved in a similar manner. To reassign a subquestion, drag it to another main question or a different position within the same question.

Note: Moving a sub-question away from its original main question will remove its link to the original question, making it a standalone question in its new position. It will also impact the total points of the original question.



Convert Main Questions to Sub-Questions

To convert a main question into a subquestion, drag into the desired main question to create a question hierarchy.



Moving Section Headers

A section header can be repositioned independently, while maintaining the questions within the section in their original places. This feature is useful for organising the overall structure of your assessment without affecting the order of your questions.