Integrating Cadmus + D2L Brightspace

Follow these steps to integrate Cadmus as an external tool in D2L Brightspace using LTI 1.3

Cadmus supports the following LTI 1.3 enabled integrations:

  1. Launching into Cadmus as a configured external LTI Tool / Application. 

  2. Grade pass-back through the LTI 1.3 Assignment and Grade Services.

  3. LTI Membership service (Names and Role Provisioning Services) for Student list synchronisation between Cadmus and the LMS.

To integrate Cadmus and D2L Brightspace, you will need to:

  1. Register Cadmus as an External Tool
  2. Deploy Cadmus as an External Learning Tool
  3. Share keys with Cadmus

The Client ID and Deployment ID generated through this process must be shared with Cadmus to complete the integration.


Stage 1: Register Cadmus as an External Tool

Begin by creating a new Developer Key for Cadmus. This will configure the LTI 1.3 OAuth2 settings, and generate a Client ID for the Cadmus Tool in your LMS.

  1. Log into D2L Brightspace as an administrator.
  2. From the Admin Tools menu, click Manage Extensibility.

  3. In the LTI Advantage tab, click Register Tool.


  4. Choose Standard registration, and input the following fields:


    Cadmus LTI 1.3


    Redirect URLs

    OpenID Connect Login URL

    Keyset URL
  5. Under Extensions, select the following:
    • Assessment & Grade Service
    • Names & Roles Provisioning Service
  6. Under Roles, select Send Institution Role.
  7. Click Register.
  8. Under the Brightspace Registration Details, you will find the unique IDs and URLs for the tool.
  9. Record or copy all details — you will need to share these with Cadmus.



Stage 2: Deploy Cadmus as an external learning tool

Now that Cadmus has been registered as an external learning tool, you will need to deploy it for academics to use.

  1. From the Admin Tools menu, click External Learning Tools.
  2. In the LTI Advantage tab, click New Deployment.


  3. From the tool drop-down list, select Cadmus LTI 1.3.
  4. Input the following fields:




    Create a Cadmus assessment
  5. Under Extensions, select the following:
    • Assessment & Grade Service
    • Names & Roles Provisioning Service
  6. Under Security, select the following:
    • Org Unit Information
    • User Information (Name, Email, User ID, Username, Ord Defined ID)
    • Link Information (Title, Description)
    • Classlist including users not known to this deployment

  7. Click Add Org Units and select the units in which you would like to make Cadmus avaliable.

  8. Click Create Deployment.

  9. Under the Brightspace Deployment Details, you will find your Deployment ID.


  10. Record or copy the Deployment ID — you will need to share this with Cadmus.


Stage 3: Share keys with Cadmus

To complete the integration process in Canvas, you will need to share some important details with Cadmus. We will use this information to identify and authenticate your integration.

Please email all configuration details to

  • Client ID
  • Brightspace Keyset URL
  • Brightspace OAuth2 Access Token URL
  • OpenID Connect Authentication Endpoint
  • Brightspace OAuth2 Audience
  • Issuer
  • Deployment ID
  • D2L URL of your institution
  • D2L Launch Environment: [ Production, Beta or Test ]